Marketing Principles

What I believe

Too often, marketing pros focus only on the I/O of marketing. Input call-to-action, output clickthroughs. Input data points, output KPIs. Input money, output more money (hopefully).

The truth is, good marketing relies on having strong core principles that makes your customers feel good about working with you. Without those, you’ll just be another used car salesman trying to squeeze something out of them. So here are a few of my core principles that I apply to any project I work on.


Creativity is a process, not a talent. It’s not a skill that’s inherited, but a behavior that’s engaged with. Anyone can be creative when they’re not paying attention. And if you don’t approach a project with creativity, it will fade into the background as quickly as it’s released.


With the world’s knowledge in everyone’s pocket, you can’t lie to anyone about anything. The only rock-solid approach is radical honesty. So show your customers what you stand for, even if that means turning a few people away.

Take Risks

Or fuck off. Your customers want you to be bold, so be bold.

Be human

People like people, not brands. When brands act like people, they succeed. When they act like robots, they fail. But beware – when they act aaaaalmost like people, but there’s something off…that’s where the real danger lies.

What else?

Avoid making camels, which are horses designed by committee.

By wary of advice from the uninvested. By more wary of advice from the overly invested.

Good boundaries make good partners.

Good creative boundaries make good creativity – no fair tennis without a net.

Time does not respect what is done without it.

Specialize in Everything

“Building employee versatility and finding employees who already are or are willing to become versatilists will be the new watchword for career planning.”

Thomas Friedman, “The World is Flat”